Rémi Carloni Gertosio

Rémi Carloni Gertosio

PhD Student in Signal Processing

Research Interests

PhD title: “Component separation from multi-wavelength radio-interferometric data, with application to the EoR signal”.

The aim of my PhD is to develop methods for the estimation of the Epoch of the Reionization signal with the forthcoming large-scale radio-telescopes. To achieve this, it is required to simultaneously solve a problem of blind source separation and deconvolution. The research particularly focuses on:

  • the generalization of the method for data sampled on the sphere,
  • the introduction of parametric physical models learned with machine learning methods,
  • the consideration of the non-coplanar effects.

My main interests are: signal processing, inverse problem, blind source separation, matrix factorization, sparsity, machine learning.


I supervise electronics and signal processing lab works at IUT de Cachan (64 hours per year).


I graduated from ENS Paris-Saclay (ex ENS Cachan) in 2019 with a MSc in Electrical Engineering. I passed the Agrégation de Sciences Industrielles de l’Ingénieur option Ingénierie Electrique competitive examination in 2018.